Art by Grace Overby Contemporary Art

Absolute Tranquility

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 "Absolute Tranquility"
Penelope had watched for her husband's return. At first with high hopes and then in doubt and sorrow
Finally the words; "Odysseus is returned! Come and see with thine own eyes!" 

After twenty years of false tales, the poor queen could not believe her ears. She came down into the hall bewildered, and looked at the stranger as one walking in a dream. Even when Athena had given him back his youth and kingly looks, she stood in doubt.
But when he drew near and called her by her name, entreating her by all the tokens that she alone knew, her heart woke up and sang like a brook set free in spring! 
She knew him then for her husband Odysseus, come home at last. The result of their love undertakes the journey of the last reincarnation,eternity, the one which,like the sea hasn't got an end. 
Like the principle of life, it floats in "Absolute Tranquility"  

30 x 48 inc. ( 76 x 122 cm )
Original Painting :  Acrylic  on canvas. 
Finish treatment  : Liquitex ( Gloss medium )

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